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Last petrol station in harrismith country fuel bowser.jpg


The Oasis hotel

Wildflowers & wildtimes
since 1926

The Oasis Hotel is a classic country pub with a modern twist, combining the traditional roots of the local community with modern amenities such as internet and espresso coffee. We also offer delicious smoked meats and specialty dinner nights for all your food desires.

Located right in the heart of WA's wildflower junket, and with accommodation for visitors looking to explore the beauty of the country in Western Australia, The Oasis Hotel really does have something for everyone.

The Oasis Hotel & Caravan Park

The Oasis Hotel Harrismith.jpg
An outback adventure with a proper coffee in the morning.

The Oasis Hotel offers the perfect blend of cosy, welcoming hotel rooms as well as more budget options.


Whether you’re looking for a short or long stay for an individual, family or larger group we have the perfect accommodation for you:

  • Private hotel rooms

  • Caravan park with powered and unpowered sites

  • Shearers' Quarters (Donga)

The Oasis Bistro, Pub & Cafe

The Oasis Hotel Harissmith 1.jpeg
Real Coffee.
Weekly Specials.
Made with love,
from our family to your.

The Oasis Hotel's cafe and restaurant provides quality, fresh and delicious food and coffee. Our baristas make amazing coffee, while our chefs create authentic pizzas every day. We also have weekly specials and slow smoked meats that will tantalise your tastebuds. At The Oasis Hotel, we aim to provide an oasis for your tastebuds with real food that will satisfy your appetite. Come and join us for a meal and enjoy the experience.

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Fuel & other Amenities

Last petrol station in harrismith country fuel bowser.jpg
We have the last petrol for an 80km radius.

+ firewood
+ ice
+ essentials

Don't get caught out. The roads around here are long and there's vast distances between fuel and other amenities. Stop in at The Oasis and stock up on all the essentials you need to have the best adventures in the Western Australian Outback.

The Oasis hotel

Explore the wA wildflower junket

Harrismith Walk Trail

The Oasis Hotel is located in the heart of Western Australia. Our hotel offers an unforgettable experience for our guests, with an array of activities to explore the country’s natural beauty. Local attractions boast the WA Wildflower Junket and Wildflower Explorer Trails. 

The Oasis Hotel is the premier destination for wild flower enthusiasts. Here, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the stunning Western Australian wild flowers, from their vibrant colours to their delicate petals. We are passionate about celebrating the beauty of the natural world and providing you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing flowers. 

Harrismith is internationally recognised for the wide variety of wildflowers that grow in the area including; orchids, verticordias, grevilleas and banksias. A well defined walktrail with informative signage surrounds the town and showcases the magnificent display of wildflowers.

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